Featured twice in the Today In Space Podcast by Alex G. Orphanos.

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Mars tee featured in the Planetary Society Gift Guide

The “Mars, I shall always love you” tee was listed on the Planetary Society blog for the “The Best Gifts for Space Fans. According to 12 Scientists, Engineers and Educators“ as a great gift idea.
“Her style is super unique and distinctive, keeping its hand-drawn look across all her designs”

Dr. Tanya Harrison wears Mars Tee in Honeywell Proud Space Nerd Video.

Honeywell created a YouTube video series called Proud Space Nerds interviewing different scientists and specialists talking about how to build an spaceship. Dr. Tanya Harrison in one of the videos is wearing one of the “Mars I shall always love you“ tees.

Pluto Tee Featured on Jonathan Stroud’s blog

Jonathan Stroud is a social media marketer, business owner, and NASA social attendee.
The “Pluto Tee” was featured on his Medium blog in a breakdown of top 25 trendy space tees.

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