A Mistake I see content creators make on Social Media

Are you wanting to grow online but don’t know where to start?

A lot of times, I see brands that want to grow their online presence struggling with what kind of content to generate and even more so with what to say on their platforms. One of the more common mistakes I see being made is also one of the bigger mistakes that will lose you organic engagement.

A fundamental pillar I always heavily remind clients of is that YOU ARE TALKING TO HUMANS.

People are on the other end of the screen.
Often, we chase the algorithm and lose sight of the fact that we are wanting to make a connection with a person! Whether your goal is to grow sales, brand awareness, or broaden your hiring pool, you are wanting to build a personal connection with a person. People are not devoid of emotion or thought. So why are you writing your content devoid of both? Whether you manage the corporate account of a large company or your own personal social media, you can write content that has an emotional connection with the people reading your content.

This is one of the keys to building customers/followers who have loyalty to your brand and to organically growing your followers.