A Human Connection In Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing landscape is changing; what does that mean for us in Social Media Marketing?

The kind of media people want to consume is different than it was a year ago, let alone two years ago.
The more human and relatable the content is, the more engagement it gets. As technology advances and more and more social platforms pop up, more people are seeking out emotional and raw content. Especially as AI is becoming more mainstream, with Chat GBT now being used as an auto content creator or response bot for DM’s, this trend will become even more relevant.

So what does this mean?

Making your audience feel heard or seen through your marketing campaign will be even more valuable than before. Giving a voice to people who may feel alone in their needs or thoughts.
Whether that is by filling a need with your product or expressing an emotion that others may be feeling with the content your brand posts. There are so many simple ways to share the human side of your content or business.

Making sure to insert a human aspect into your content will make people stick around on your platforms. Sometimes in social media marketing, it is easy to forget that there are people on the other end of all these engagement numbers that we are trying so hard to grow.
If we can keep “Connection” in our social growth goals, you will see brand and content loyalty will start to grow.