• A Mistake I see People make on Social Media

    Are you wanting to grow online but don’t know where to start? A lot of times, I see brands that want to grow their online presence struggling with what kind of content to generate and even more so with what to say on their platforms. One of the more common mistakes I see being made… Read more

  • The Gender Gap in Aerospace

    How the STEM fields most know for Woman in STEM outreach are some of the most unbalanced. Why is Aerospace and Aviation two of the STEM industries with some of the baggiest gaps and what can we do to change that… Aerospace and Aviation are known for being some of the first STEM fields to… Read more

  • A Human Connection In Social Media Marketing

    The social media marketing landscape is changing; what does that mean for us in Social Media Marketing? The kind of media people want to consume is different than it was a year ago, let alone two years ago.The more human and relatable the content is, the more engagement it gets. As technology advances and more… Read more

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